Jelado ‘Age of Longing’ 301 XX Denim Jean One Wash

  • 2023.10.02 2023.09.22

Forming part of Jelado’s ‘Basic Collection’, the 301XX is sewn up using the brand’s much loved ‘Last Resort’ denim.

Heavily focused on denim from a bygone era and the ‘Golden Age’, Jelado have painstakingly recreated a perfect homage to vintage Levi’s of the 1940s & ’50s. In order to re-create the fabric Jelado have dissected original 501XX deadstock denim with a focus on cotton used, thread thickness, fibre length and weight.

The results are really quite something and the 301XX is a perfect reproduction of the 501XX from the early 1950s. From deconstructing a deadstock pair, Jelado has been able to successfully produce a pair of jeans with the same thread thickness as seen on original denim with traditional manufacturing methods used.

The leather patch is cut from subtle horsehide and features ‘The Age of Longing’ & Jelado branding stamped on, giving a vintage appearance. A high rise with a full cut has been paired with exposed copper rivets, a five-button front and Jelado’s signature cotton thread arcuate sewn on the back pockets.

These jeans have been put through a one-wash to remove shrinkage, meaning these are ready to wear and good-to-go; if you prefer to down your own shrink-to-fit click here

・100% cotton
・14 oz
・1950’s style
・High rise with full silhouette
・Details taken from deconstructed 501XX deadstock denim
・Horsehide leather patch
・Age of Longing & Jelado branding
・Exposed copper rivets
・Concealed rivets
・Five-button front
・Jelado signature arcuate
・Tack buttons use Iron – made for Jelado
・Two types of copper rivets used – made for Jelado
・Woven on Toyoda Type G3 Loom
・One wash
・Made in Japan

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